About Hiva Gallery

Persian Rug is an original oriental art that dates back thousands of years. Stylized beautifully and immortalized by traditional and mythical motifs and patterns, the world famous Persian Rug has been a stable guest of Persian houses for centuries. 

The art of rug weaving has been commonly practiced amongst various Persian ethnic groups throughout the history. This original art has been passed down by generations to generations of Kurd, Baloch, Turkmens, Azari and Bakhtiari women. Through their hard work, this invaluable art has been preserved and it is still commonly practiced today in various regions of country. 

Established in mid-1950s, Hiva rug complex has actively produced handmade Persian rugs using the highest quality silk and wool and a wide variety of techniques and styles.

With the introduction of knotting machines, the industry entered a new era. Hiva rug complex became a pioneer of this new technology by establishing a modern factory. 

This new technology created the opportunity to manufacture rugs with innovative, modern and contemporary designs. Yet, our goal to preserve the invaluable art of traditional weaving remained strong and to this day the production of handmade rugs with traditional design continues.

Today, Hiva complex utilizes creative designs, top of the line material and advance technology to produce and engage in both local and international markets.

One of our distinctive products is the collection of leather and Hiva rug, which is the result of a mixture between the art of handicraft, machine technology, rug and natural leather. This exclusive and beautiful collection is a new innovation that has been praised by numerous customers and fans.

All products presented on this online store are produced with premium quality and have long lasting durability.